Warm Tangelo and Honey Smoothie – Great for Cold and Flu Season!

Honey and lemon are a favourite combination for winter time and are quick to soothe a sore throat while giving a vitamin boost at the same time. So it makes sense that other citrus fruits would work just as well! This warm tangelo and honey smoothie is perfect to sip on when you aren’t feeling your best and will help keep the sniffles at bay.

Tangelos are my absolute favourite citrus fruit for their sweet, tangy flavour. Crossed between a tangerine and a variety of grapefruit called a pomelo, tangelos are like larger, slightly tarter mandarines. They have a little knobbly bit at the end too, so they are easy to spot and simple to peel.

The other fruit in this delicious smoothie are limes, delivering an ultimate vitamin C boost and a great source of fibre.

This smoothie is super simple to make. Peel and seed the tangerines and add to a blender or smoothie maker with some fresh lime juice and honey. Blitz until smooth then heat gently in a microwave or saucepan until warm.

Pour into our reusable 140ml superhero pouches and add to lunchboxes for a pick me up throughout the day.


4 tangelos
the juice of 2 limes
1/4 cup of honey
water, if necessary


Peel and seed the tangelos and place into the bowl of a blender, food processor or smoothie maker. Add the lime juice and honey and blitz until well combined and smooth, adding a little water if necessary.

Heat gently in a microwave or saucepan until warm and enjoy.