The Summer Ice Block Hack all Parents of Young Children Need to Know!

If you have young children, you’ll understand the struggle of trying to get them to eat an ice block before it melts and goes everywhere. And I mean everywhere! The sticky mess drips down wrists and elbows onto legs, carpets, car seats, you name it! I’ve had to practically hose down my children after they’ve eaten one simple ice block!

And what about when the ice block melts and falls off the stick to the ground or comes out of the plastic tube? Now everyone’s crying!

We’ve come up with a fabulous summer ice block hack that will make any parent of young children very happy.

And it is so very simple!

You get your ice blocks, either the super duper ones in long plastic tubes or the type on paddlepop sticks (hint hint!), empty the contents inside one of our top opening 140ml reusable pouches and seal them up tight at the bottom. If you are using an ice block on a stick, place the entire treat into the pouch, hold it firmly and pull the stick out of the ice block, then seal.

Smoosh up the contents a little bit to transform the ice block into an icy slushie, unscrew the lid and give to your small child to enjoy.

They can put the pouched ice block down when they get distracted and you can reseal it without it leaking everywhere! Plus you could wrap it in a cloth so little hands don’t get too cold. Genius!

You could even pop it back in the freezer for later if you have to. And you can buy all sorts of healthy options too, with lots of fruit juice included in the ingredients, so this doesn’t have to be a naughty treat.

What do you think? Will you be trying this ice block hack this summer too?