Salted Caramel Banana Smoothie Recipe

This delicious salted caramel banana smoothie recipe is the thickest, creamiest one out there. And guess what? It’s pretty healthy too!

Using light milk, a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup, dates and frozen bananas, this smoothie is pretty much fat-free. The frozen bananas give it such a thick, creamy texture that I’ll be using them in the place of vanilla ice cream whenever I make milkshakes from now on, for a healthier alternative. The children won’t even notice!

Of course, the secret ingredient to this smoothie is a good pinch of sea salt. I can’t believe that the whole world enjoyed the sweet, sticky flavour of caramel for so long before discovering that it was SO much better with a little salt added to it! Now salted caramel is more popular than just plain old caramel, and we totally understand why!

This smoothie recipe is super simple. Just take all of the ingredients and place in a blender, food processor or smoothie maker. Then simply place all the ingredients into your machine of choice and blitz until smooth and creamy, just a few minutes.

Enjoy your smoothie immediately or place into reusable pouches and take to work or school. This recipe makes enough salted caramel banana smoothies or the whole family, about six serves. You can easily halve the ingredients to make less serves, but my family love it so much that they beg me to make enough for everyone’s lunchboxes!


3 frozen bananas
2 cups light milk
a handful of pitted dates
3 tbsp maple syrup
a good pinch of sea salt


Place all ingredients into a blender, smoothie maker or food processor and blitz until well combined, smooth and creamy. Serve.