Q. What is My Lil Pouch?

A. My Lil Pouch is a durable, cost-effective, reusable food pouch.

Q. Where can I purchase My Lil Pouch?

A. My Lil Pouch can be purchased on this website via our “Store” tab. We also attend markets, festivals, fetes and car boot sales throughout the year. Please be sure to check our “Events” tab for a date and location near you. (Queensland only.)

Q. How can you see what the contents are?

A. My Lil Pouch has a clear gusset so you simply turn it over to see what’s inside!

Q. How much does My Lil Pouch hold?

A. My Lil Pouch comes in a 100ml, 200ml and 500ml pouch. Please remember not to overfill (especially when freezing) as contents do expand.

Q. Is My Lil Pouch BPA free?

A. Yes! My Lil Pouch is BPA, PVC and Phthalate FREE! The pouch is made from food-grade materials so it’s safe to use

Q. Do the pouches come with lids?

A. My Lil Pouch comes fitted with small lids. Extra small lids and choke-safe lids can be ordered separately.

Q. Can you microwave the contents in My Lil Pouch?

A. We don’t recommend microwaving with My Lil Pouch. Instead, warm contents in hot water and remember, ALWAYS check the temperature of the contents before serving

Q. How big is the pouch?

A. My Lil Pouch is 11cm wide and 16.8cm long. The ziplock opening has a diameter of 5.2cm. You fill and clean using the ziplock section and you enjoy the yummy goodness by opening the lid.

Q. Is My Lil Pouch dishwasher safe?

A. Yes! You can put My Lil Pouch over the prongs on the top rack of the dishwasher!

Q. How do I dry My Lil Pouch?

A. You can prop My Lil Pouch over the prongs on your dish rack to air dry or, alternatively, fold up some paper towel and push it inside the pouch to soak up any excess moisture. The most effective way we have found is to wash your pouches as usual then pop straight into the freezer. Any excess water will freeze, then can be shaken off before the next use, and no nasties can grow!

Q. How do you clean My Lil Pouch?

A. You can clean your My Lil Pouch in warm, soapy water with a bottle brush to reach all the nooks and crannies and then rinse clean with warm water.

Q. How do you fill My Lil Pouch?

A. My Lil Pouch has a self-standing base so there’s no need to struggle with it falling over! Simply remove the cap and blow air into the pouch to open the gusset. Open the durable ziplock seal on the top and then fill. You can either spoon your contents in, or use the funnel or jug which will soon be part of our accessories range. Make sure to run your fingers across the ziplock seal a couple of times to ensure there are no leaks!

Q. What can you put in My Lil Pouch?

A. The possibilities are almost ENDLESS! You can fill it with:

  • Purees for babies.
  • Yoghurts for toddlers.
  • Custards for school lunch boxes.
  • Sauce and marinades for salads and BBQ’s.
  • Any type of shakes Smoothies.
  • Other foods include: jelly, smoothies, fruit juices, baby food, puddings,
  • Mousse, soups, milk, slurpies, water, lollies, bread crumbs, ice, seeds,
  • Nuts, alcohol, other drinks, stock, pesto, jams, pate, pastes,
  • Mayonnaise, herbs, spices and dips.
  • Condiments such as sauces, marinades & sugars when camping.
  • You can also use them for non-food items such as:
  • Toothpaste,
  • Sunscreen Hair gel
  • Soaps Detergent Body washes
  • Washing liquid for clothes or dishes and fabric softener.

My Lil Pouch is also ideal for a gift for anyone that may need them because you can never have too many. The number of different ways you can use My Lil Pouch is only limited by your own imagination…so get creative!

Q. How much does My Lil Pouch cost?

A. My Lil Pouch is sold in 5 packs from as little as $8.

Q. How much is postage for My Lil Pouch?

A. Postage and handling charges do vary. All parcels are tracked.